The ancient art of Persian calligraphy and poetry are inseparable parts of Persian heritage, one incomplete without the other. From RUMI's precious words of wisdom to modern poetry, complete your style and make a statement by adding a Persian calligraphy jewellery to your collection. 

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Persian Calligraphy Jewellery

Melding the ancient art of Persian calligraphy with contemporary jewellery design. Collaborating with the best Persian calligraphy artists and jewellery designers to bring you a piece you can make a statement with. 

Persian Fashion Jewellery

From Rumi precious words of wisdom to modern patterns of contemporary designers. At TruFlair we make the best, the most sophisticated and the highest quality Persian fashion jewellery. Something with a rich heritage and an immaculate modern design.

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Not just designing and creating contemporary jewellery masterpieces, but also a state-of-the-art platform for you to find and buy your perfect piece of Persian jewellery online. Make sure to signup for our newsletter to be the first to know about our rapidly growing collections.