Persian Calligraphy

The ancient art of Persian calligraphy is one of the most revered arts throughout the history of Iran. Since the 7th century, Persians adapted the Arabic alphabet into the Persian language and added 4 letters that don’t exist in Arabic. The love of art that runs through Persians resulted in the creation of numerous calligraphy genres of which Nastaaleeq, cursive Nastaaleeq and Naskh are the predominant style of this art to this day.

In both calligraphy and artistry, acquired foreign elements were properly and entirely modified in accordance with Iranian taste, and combined with all the innate elements, traditions and memories of this nation. All this was achieved at once, but rather slowly, with discipline, from father to son and from hand to hand.

Persian Calligraphy Sample TruFlair

Pictoric Persian calligraphy by Farshchian

Merging this precious art with another precious, highly accredited Persian art, poetry, create a harmony like no other. Something to look at for a long time and adore every minute of it.

This joy, excitement and adoration for art and poetry, was the main motive for us to push it to the next level and merge it yet again with another art, this time jewellery!  We have spent a long time working hard alongside our designers so that we can create something timeless, something that carries art, history, poetry, elegance and style altogether.

We have received an unexpectedly positive feedback about this line of our collections, thus it is rapidly evolving and growing. Make sure to check TruFlair’s Persian Calligraphy collection regularly to see the latest pieces. In addition, you can signup to our newsletter to receive the latest updates and promotions.

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