Persian art dates all the way back to 3500 BC in southwest Asia, making them the earliest civilization that we know with an art history. As they grew into the Persian Empire in 550 BC and absorbed other nations and cultures, their diversity in art also grew, lending itself to the richness of Persian technique, and design. The earliest Persian artwork to have survived is the intricately decorated ceramics and various items made from bronze, silver, and gold. Today, Persian art is defined by the high level of craftsmanship, handmade rugs and jewellery being among their best.

TruFlair melds the long history of Persian art with contemporary and accessible modern-day jewellery and accessories. All items are designed in our London studio with the influence of Persian technique and made with the same kind of skilled craftsmanship. These masterfully hand-finished pieces draw from their elegant designs that incorporate bold colours and melding geometric and natural imagery together, striking a harmonious balance between human and nature.

Bringing Persian art design into the modern era, TruFlair aims to make products both of quality and accessibility. We add a little history and culture to your unique style while supporting the artists that keep the crafts of metalworking alive. All our pieces are made by artists who love what they do and wish for their dreams to be shared with the world.

Building on that history along with our dreams, we want to supply you with the ability to create a truly unique look. Let us add our dreams to your style.